Sunday, May 10, 2015

100% Natural Sunscreen made in Huntington Beach

When I started doing the research on sunscreen and what chemicals most brands use. I looked further and found that putting the ingredients found in most brands (not ours;-) on your skin just trying to prevent Sun burn or worse Skin Cancer, can actually cause Skin Cancer among other things we haven’t even discovered. Sure it may make the other brand creamier & be able to be squeezed out of a tube, that is where the benefits if any end. Click on this picture for our Amazon sales site   About us: My name is J.B. Hertzler and I started on this journey like many of us from living very unconsciously. I went to Bali and India and found a different way to live, even in our Western society. I surf, snowboard, and many outdoor activities that involve major sun exposure. Knowing that the sunscreens on the market were toxic to my health I refused to wear any protection. Now that I have developed this simple yet effective Sun protection I can wear it without nasty side effects and know that my skin is covered. Not only is this Lotion effective in protecting your skin from Sun damage, but it makes your skin soft and smooth, you may like it so much it replaces your daily moisturizer.

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